Instructor Name:Dana Abbott

Shihan's technique is very Orient influenced...being clean, strong and intimidating to an opponent.


Other Information:

For the past 3 decades Shihan Dana Abbott has amassed and is continually adding to his large library of information on the Japanese sword. Pursuit of perfection in learning the Japanese sword has been Shihan Abbott's goal. Living in Japan for over 15 years allowed him to work and learn with the masters of the sword which is extremely rare for an American to have that experience.  Thus, his technique is very Orient influenced being clean, strong and intimidating to an opponent.


In addition, Shihan Abbott’s bladed weaponry experience is extensive and well polished. He has taught and conducted seminars in over 30 countries.  Seventh degree Black Belt, Hall of Fame inductee, Shihan Abbott began his kendo and kenjutsu studies at Nihon Taiiku Daigaku University in Tokyo, Japan.  He was later appointed to the position of International Director for the All Japan Goshindo Federation.


Shihan Abbott, over the years, has gained vast experience instructing various sword styles giving him a strong foundation through his studies of the military Toyama and Nakamura iai- batto-do styles, the Zen Nihon Kendo Renmei Kumitachi & Seitei series, Happogiri and Kodachi-iai. 


In Shihan Abbott’s own words; there is a huge cross section of people throughout the world who want to learn how to wield a Japanese sword for personal enhancement or attaining rank. In that regard, I will personally share with you my expertise and train you in a very straightforward and practical manner. The way I learned in Japan through the Department of Education.  I will also incorporate many of the sword techniques used throughout the ages. You will become proficient in the classical, traditional and combative aspects of the sword such as, kenjutsu, iaido, kendo and tameshigiri.


You and I will break down each and every technique, movement and transition while I spoon feed the details and subtleties to you through the various methods of gripping, sheathing and drawing the sword. Moreover you will gain an excellent understanding of the many sword katas and styles while learning how to cut correctly showing presence and strong demeanor. I have spent the last three decades dedicated to the martial arts and the way of the sword in the same way it has been taught for centuries. I now want to share that knowledge and experience of the sword and how to use it with you.
Dana Abbott Shihan