Instructor Name:Danny Dring

Jui Jitsu Master Danny Dring


Other Information:
Master Joe Lewis felt so strongly in regard to Danny's skill set that Joe appointed Danny as one of the standards authorities at the Joe Lewis Fighting System.  A go to guy for all Black Belt candidates with the JLFS!  Danny Dring and Master Harden have been friends for several years and are affiliated through their mutual kinship with the Joe Lewis Fighting System and as Board Members for the Organization.  Danny is a true product of the warrior path and as if that were not enough...Master Dring is an exceptional Jui-Jitsu practitoner, kick boxer, and teacher!   We are very proud to add Danny to our list of "World Class" Martial arts Masters for the 2013 Expo!   

Danny is a Fellow Member of the Joe Lewis Fighting System and funstions as the standards liason for the JLFS.  Additionally, Danny has written a text book on Martial Arts injury recovery and it is based on some of his own real world experiences and very practical knowledge. 

"When it comes to teaching jui-jitsu and martial arts skills Danny Dring is World class"....

COL. Dane S. Harden Senior Mentors Board - Joe Lewis Fighting System