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Western Masters Martial Arts Warrior Expo 2013 event is being held in Abingdon, Virginia at the Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center.  


Saturday Session


Sunday Session


Both Days/Weekend


Saturday Dinner

$ 30.00

We have four "World Class" martial arts instructors, champions, and trainers who will provide an exceptional martial art seminar. Additionally, we are offering our participants a Sunday special session called "Field Craft" and we will teach drown proofing, water survival, shelter, and other martially related field craft skills.  We will utilize military instructors in these disciplines for a truly unique martial experience that will be fun, participatory, and informative!

Our staff includes some of the World's Leading Martial Arts Instructors: 

   Grand Master Bill "Superfoot" Wallace World Champion and martial art legend!

   Shihan Dana Abbott (Black Belt Hall of Fame - Weapons Instructor of the Year!). 

   Master Dane Harden (Martial Art Masters Hall of Fame, JLFS Board Member, Army Colonel). 

   Kyoshi Kevin Blok (World Renowned Aikidoist)

   US Army National Guard SERE and Water Survival Instructors (SFC Wilson, SGT Martin, SPC Rosiah, COL. Harden)

   Master Danny Dring (Jui-Jitsu, JLFS Board Member)

   Sifu Jeff Webb (Ving Tsun - Kung Fu)

The Saturday training will focus on martial art skill set and will be useful for anyone attending the event.

The Saturday Evening Event Dinner will be catered with Happy Hour at 6:00PM - It will be an exciting, fun, and memorable evening!  The cost for the evening dinner is $30.00 - The funds raised from the dinner will help to assist in generating revenue for the Wounded Warrior Project.  A cash bar with beer, wine, and soft drinks will be available.  Special evening guest speaker Four Star General Bob Lee on "Leadership" PLUS - martial arts demonstrations in Aikido - Tae Kwon Do - Samurai Sword!.  

The Sunday training will focus on martial field craft skill set development and will be useful for anyone attending the event. 


Thank You

Dane S. Harden

Event Director

Dane S. Harden | President and Founder
Western Masters Martial Arts, Inc. 1979
19484 Lee Highway  |  Abingdon, Va. 24211